Nathan Research is a niche enterprise software / technology firm and is in the business of providing a portfolio of software products to specific industry verticals such as Retail, Logistics and Telecom Services. These products are offered as services on the cloud and serve a range of business functions to handle Planning, Execution and Monitoring of business operations.

Our Mission

The mission for Nathan Research is to combine research, experience and thought leadership in strategies, processes and technologies in unique ways to conceive and implement specific ideas and solutions that companies can derive value from.

Our Credentials

Nathan Research is made up of a seasoned team of Industry, Process and Technology specialists with decades of hands-on experience in industries such as Retail, Consumer Goods and Electronics, Management Consulting and Software, and characterized by a combination of leadership in strategic thinking and successful operational execution. The team, has a collective 100+ years of experience in defining and implementing business strategies in several industries.

Our Focus

We focus on developing software and solutions in Business Planning, Operations, Digital Transformation and Analytics.

Automate  – Workflow automation across a number of business functions –  marketing, sales, operations or fulfillment.

Augment   – Powerful Customer experiences that Augment reality.

Analyze     – Business insights, answers and recommendations inferred from complex analysis of patterns in data

Principles and Values

We are passionate about what we do and believe strongly in teaming up with our customers to develop game changing strategies and approaches that gives them sustainable business advantage. We like to take ideas from concept to completion and demonstrate real, operational results. Our ideas, research and approach to problem solving are supported by

  • Field validation by working with users
  • Academic and other research to bring up to date knowledge capital
  • Knowledge of technologies, platforms and architectures.
  • Relationships with leading industry organizations

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