• You have a great vision, and have great ideas
  • You just don’t want to deal with the day-to-day execution of the business or
    don’t know how
  • Many ideas don’t become successful businesses not because the idea wasn’t
    good, but the execution was either poor or lacking


  • Engage us – we are experienced in defining, planning and implementing successful businesses and programs – whether it is
    • In launching a new set of products and pricing your product portfolio
    • In developing marketing plans and programs
    • In defining your manufacturing and fulfillment plans
    • In creating and managing your network of suppliers, service providers
    • In establishing your operational review discipline
    • In preparing presentations for your investor community
  • We bring years of operations management discipline, tools, and techniques to the table
  • Our unique approach combines experience and knowledge with tools,techniques and software


  • Faster time to market of products
  • Lower cost of management
  • Professional approach to management, takes the emotion out of management
  • Increased odds of products and business hitting the market
  • Greater profitability
  • Business growth



  • Setup
    • Products, Prices and Promotions
    • Organizational Roles and
    • Resources (Managers, Staff)
    • Territories, Map Mgrs to Territories
    • Material Catalogs, Prices, Labor
  • Define Resource and Territory

  • Execute defined plans and programs
  • Definition and execution of process flows
  • Collect and manage data at various points
  • Define and set up transaction feeds
  • Run specific functions such as Product Rollout,Price Mods, Managed Purchasing, Procurement,Logistics Management

  • View Business Performance
  • View Commonly required metrics and ratios
  • Causal Analysis for Sales, Revenue, Productivity
  • Ease of management decision making and operations tracking
Solution Administration/General Features

  • Template definition and implementation
  • Role based responsibilities
  • Web Based development and deployment of simple solutions
  • Upload/Download from/to Excel
  • Easy setup of solutions as a Service

Solution Approach

Our solution approach

  • Leverages pre-defined templates and models
  • Makes use of best practices and methodologies tailored to your business
  • Generates plans, views and reports that are actionable

Advantages of the approach

  • Provides the ability to capture and track plans, day-to-day operations and performance causal factors in an integrated fashion
  • Bottoms-up plans and methods as opposed to tops-down plans that are inherently sub-optimal
  • Facilitates model upgrades to adjust to changing circumstances
  • Keeps the Total cost of Management of the business low

Deployment Models

The management service and solutions will be deployed as a subscription service and configured based on the number of markets (territories) served, products managed and resources using the system. If data and computer software use is involved and provided as part of the service, standard help-desk support provided, along with periodic back up of data for customer needs.

Why Us

  • 75+ years collective experience in
    • Planning, operational and managerial experience at Fortune 50 companies, Big 5 consulting and Supply Chain software companies
    • Process Design, Solution Development background using Advanced Modeling, Systems Engineering and Financial Analysis in all Corporate functions – Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Production, Customer Svc
  • Design, development and deployment of leads-to-sales-to-fulfillment workflow for companies
  • Engagement with Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, Distribution and other enterprises
  • Development of strategic plans, planning models (for product, price, promotions, supply chain distribution and logistics functions), operationalization of these plans
  • Development of an Operational Management Discipline for Sales, Marketing, Installation and Customer Service functions
  • Proven track record of successful implementations and documented benefits
  • Unique approach to problem solving combining proprietary models, process discipline and technologies

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