Are We Wise

I thought I was. I thought mankind was. I thought we were, as a civilization.
But are we really? Events of the last several months have brought this question to the fore.
After all these years of progress, scientific advance and enlightenment, we are still grappling with things that are very fundamental. Our achievements and advancements are relative.

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TiE Dallas CEO Speaker Series Summary

Nathan Research is proud to have been able to partner with TIE Dallas to sponsor a CEO Speaker series event on Monday, Oct 28, 2019 which brought together a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, businessmen/women, and visionaries. Keynote speaker, Valerie Freeman, shared her story and ideas that the audience could use and relate to in their own career endeavors.

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Lessons from ‘The Martian’

Recently saw ‘The Martian’. This and ‘Apollo 13’ are two of my most favorite movies of all time.

‘The Martian’ obviously has a lot of very real, relevant science (math, physics, botony), and engineering (mechanical, electrical, electronics). The author of the book upon which the movie is based, Andy Weir, a software engineer actually coded the trajectory simulation that is shown in the movie.

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