Representative responsibilities
  • Designing and developing web/cloud/mobile product module/components for a variety of business processes/applications related across platforms – Angular, React, Ruby, PHP/MySQL, iOS, Microservices etc. More specifically experience in some of these technolgogies below is desired.
    • Development Stacks/Platforms – ionic, Apple iOS, PHP, MySQL, SQLLite, Postgres, Salesforce, Angular
    • Infrastructure/Integration- GCP, AWS, Stripe,REST APIs
    • DevOps, Proj Mgt and Testing tools – Pivotal Tracker, Jenkins, Selenium
  • Decomposing features into atomic level features, measuring function points and tracking development sprint cycles; Identifying new vs existing functionalities; abstracting requirements to common functions
  • Understanding current product roadmaps and rationalizing features functions with roadmaps
  • Researching and architecting platforms and design principles for efficient, effective and rapid prototyping and development of applications, implementing DevOps, and CI/CD techniques
  • Defining and implementing infrastructure requirements for having our SaaS applications hosted at third party hosting companies; interacting with these companies for regular upkeep and maintenance of applications
  • Participating and managing the Code Management lifecycle – from design to development to testing to deployment
  • Release planning and support.
  • Working with tech partners and their platforms (Google, AWS, MS etc)
Requirements & Desired Qualifications 
  • Hands on familiarity and experience with the various responsibilities stated above
  • Hands on experience in Development and Software Engineering
  • Hands on the experience with multiple development platforms
  • Ability to work with multiple development leads and teams, sales, marketing, executives and customers
  • 1-5 years of experience
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