Representative responsibilities
  • Studying and assessing the current product portfolio, product roadmaps and refining them as needed.
  • Keeping track of the current state of implementation, business/user requests, prioritization of needs, rationalize functions and features against available functionality and planned roadmaps.
  • Working with the core Development/Engineering team on release planning and support; feature function definition; design, development guidance and testing of products and applications
  • Researching and architecting platforms and design principles for efficient, effective and rapid prototyping and development of applications, implementing DevOps, CI/CD, onboarding and deployment automation
  • Reviewing the current Marketing collateral and refining them (including our web and social media presence), individual product datasheets/slides, multimedia content
  • Defining and implementing infrastructure requirements for having our SaaS applications hosted at third party hosting companies; interacting with these companies for regular upkeep and maintenance of applications
  • Supporting ensuring good Code Management lifecycle – from design to development to testing to deployment
  • Assisting with Delivery Management in the defining and executing of project and program plans to align projects with product plans
Requirements & Desired Qualifications 
  • Hands on familiarity and experience with the various responsibilities stated above
  • Hands on experience with various software product stacks
  • Ability to work with multiple development leads and teams, sales and marketing, executives and customers
  • Good communication skills
  • Technical – engineering / CS academic qualifications preferred
  • 5-6 years of experience
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